Khalid Shafiu

Profesor international de limba engleza

I am a Cambridge English Trainer and a licensed TESOL instructor. I've always had a desire for teaching. I'll say that sharing what I know with others comes naturally and personally to me. The level of inner peace and tranquility I have whenever I share knowledge with others is indescribable. I am able to relate to students from a variety of cultural backgrounds because I have experience teaching English to kids and adults from many different countries.

The Communicative Approach and the Affective Humanistic Approach are more in line with my teaching philosophy. I choose the Communicative Approach to language learning because I believe it to be very effective and appealing. I want my students to appreciate the target language so that they can then communicate with it with confidence and ease.

I also adopt the Affective Humanistic Approach. This is because language acquisition is a collaborative effort between the student and the teacher. I really believe that language acquisition processes become simple if the teacher creates an enabling and friendly environment for the student to be comfortable and relaxed. However, the learning and acquisition process becomes challenging if the teacher and the learner are not comfortable with each other. Therefore, I use this strategy to help my students feel at ease, at home, motivated, and prepared to learn.

My teaching methodology is based on getting students actively involved in the language learning process through a variety of games and interactive activities, which helps my students learn new information and fosters their desire to learn as much as they can about the target language. I make use of body language, visual aids, diagrams, and metaphors to help my students to remember and fully grasp what is being taught.  I view these approaches as being extremely important in the language learning process.

Regarding my academic background, Arizona State University has awarded me a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) diploma. I hold a BA degree and MA in International Relations from Istanbul Commerce University.

Besides being a teacher, I also enjoy anthropology, reading, walking, traveling, and learning about different cultures.